Within Kemerling Group we apply an integrated approach to transaction advisory: we support our Clients from the moment they start looking for a potential investor or investment, through the negotiation process, to preparation of documentation related to the transaction, assessment of tax implications associated with a given transaction as well as follow-up advisory.

It stems from our experience that the key to success of a given transaction is the prior determination of its optimal structure. Carrying out a transaction in a proper manner will not only reduce the tax burdens, but it will also increase security of entities involved therein. Transaction structuring is a process that must take into account current legal, tax and other important external circumstances related to both the buyer, the seller and the subject of the transaction itself. Our experience and knowledge allows us to present optimal solutions for envisaged transactions.

We specialize in mergers, acquisitions and sales of both enterprises and highly valuable assets, including real properties. We provide our Clients with full transaction support, including providing active search for strategic investors.

The scope of our services includes, among others:
• seeking an investor / seeking investments,
• legal, tax and financial due diligence,
• participation in negotiations,
• risk management in transactions, legal and tax advice,
• determining an optimal method of financing a given transaction,
• developing an optimal transaction structure,
• drawing up transaction-related documentation,
• conducting transactions after the acquisition of an enterprise, post-merger integration.

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