Within the area of our services, we offer comprehensive tax advisory services covering all current tax issues that may arise in connection with your business activities. Our experts provide services related to both current legal and tax advice as well as the services related to the reorganization of business activities or to acquisitions / disposals of an enterprise or of its significant assets.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our experts, we are able to skillfully combine legal, tax and business consulting. Our goal is to point out to the appropriate, optimal solutions tailored to the needs of our Clients. Within the scope of tax advisory, we provide the following services to our Clients:
• Preparation of solutions to tax problems;
• Providing tax-related interpretation of ensuing economic events, including preparing applications for individual interpretations of tax law (tax rulings) and providing representation of Clients in the process of obtaining them;
• Analysis of contracts from the point of view of their tax consequences;
• Drawing up agreements that take into account the realisation of the intended tax consequences;
• Tax analysis of intended business operations as well as providing recommendations regarding the selection of optimal manner of actions to be taken;
• Assisting in the implementation of proposed concepts for conducting business operations by preparing draft legal documents;
• Preparation of transfer pricing documentation;
• Representation of Taxpayers in tax proceedings as well as in criminal and fiscal proceedings;

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