Optimal marketing is a hybrid of creativity and tested methods of operations.

Long-term practice (more than 15 years) and open-minded approach are enabling us to keep up with our clients expextations and constant-changing market. During those years we were able to set up standards thanks to which our offer is always based on solid assumptions. Our main goal is to focus on each individual and their unique needs. As far as we are concerned every client and company is different hence we create individual makreting strategy for each client.

Strategic consultancy - We are something much more than consulting company.
We suggest which directions of actions company should take in order to increase company’s growth and have competitive advantage on the market. We are also helping companies to continue their business activities in a case of unexpected difficulties. Regardless of company’s purpose of action organizations should always possess correctly implemented strategy to be able to compete with others. It is undoubtedly possible thanks to our skills and knowledge in those fields. We will help your business by developing individual action plan at the strategic and operational level.

Are you wondering how can we help you with your specific case? We are dealing with problems like:
• Building a company/ brand/personal brand strategy
• Optimization of marketing strategy
• Identification of target groups and communication customized to their needs
• Analysis of customer requirements
• Innovations and development of new services and products
• Adaptation of tools and channels to each client by implementing integrated marketing communication
• Developing a plan of operational activities
• Supporting the startup development process

Marketing consultancy -We are specialist when it comes to setting up strategies which fit modern needs of online marketing. We are advising our clients how to use the most effective tools in online marketing in order to put companies in competitve advantage on the market.
We are espessialy taking care of issues:
• Designing and implementating consistent, operational and optimized marketing strategies on the Internet
• Selection of appropriate e-marketing channels and tools
• Support in creation of the website
• Content Marketing
• Inbound Marketing
• Communication audits
• Communication strategy

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