Our Team supports Clients at every single stage of the public procurement procedure, regardless of whether they act as an ordering party or a contractor in the proceedings. The services related to public procurement which we provide include:
• legal advice to the ordering party within the course of preparations for the public procurement procedure: estimation of the contract’s value, description of the object of the contract, selection of the procedure, preparation of the content of the specification of essential terms of the contract and of draft final contract, preparation and publication of the notice of procurement’s initiation; legal advice at further stages of the public procurement procedure: verification of contractors, assistance in evaluating and examining offers submitted,
• legal support for contractors at every stage of the proceedings: preparation of the offer, supervision over correspondence to be addressed to the ordering party, verification of fulfillment of the conditions for participation in the very procedure, of evaluation criteria for offers and of other provisions of the specification of essential terms of the contract, reservation of information covered by company secret,
• representation of ordering parties and contractors in the proceedings before the Public Procurement Office and before common courts of law of all instances.

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