Our Team provides comprehensive services within the scope of company law, from establishing companies, through ongoing legal services concerning them, as well as restructuring the already existing capital groups.

Our services in this field include in particular:
• developing and reviewing internal acts related to the establishment, transformation, merger, division and operation of business entities,
• preparation of draft amendments to existing internal acts, including amendments to articles of association, deeds of partnerships as well as to statutes in connection with, for example, increase or decrease in share capital,
• representation within the registration proceedings of entities which are subject to entry into the National Court Register,
• providing services to company bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders' meetings, general meetings), assistance in organizing and conducting shareholders’ / stakeholders’ meetings, meetings of company bodies,
• preparation of draft documents, including resolutions, partnerships and cooperation agreements,
• establishing branches and representative offices of foreign enterprises,
• current corporate services for commercial companies,
• preparing investment agreements, including the provision of legal services concerning the purchase of shares / stock, real properties and other significant assets,
• takeovers and acquisition of business entities,
• internal legal and tax audits as well as organization of legal status in commercial companies,
• liquidation of commercial companies which terminate their business activity.

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